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Fees, Terms & Conditions



One-to-One & Small Group Tuition

Fees proportional to the number of students sharing a lesson and lesson length, as follows:


11+ Grammar School Entrance Exam Prep - Up to Key Stage 3 (Year 6) + Adult Basic Literacy

Number  of  students

One Hour (per student)

90 Minutes (per student)

Two Hours (per student)






















From Key Stage 3 (Year 7+) + Business and Dissertation English

Number  of  students

One Hour (per student)

90 Minutes (per student)

Two Hours (per student)


















Please note that my tuition services have no association whatsoever with any franchise after-school study/education/tuition centres, hence my significantly fairer group fees (i.e. from £12 per hour for groups of five, compared to fees doubling this for similar-sized and often much larger groups). You can also be assured of professional differentiation to meet individual needs, as opposed to rigid adherence to gimmicky programmes at the detriment of missing out on the best of tried and tested methods that meet individual needs more effectively.


The vast majority of my students come to me for one-to-one tuition which tailors lessons to individual needs, resulting in much faster progress. Although I have excellent differentiation skills to meet individual needs in large classes, and would make considerably more profit accepting larger groups, I will only accept groups greater than four if advantageous to the students, i.e. there are common needs that benefit from group-teaching such as preparing same age and/or ability groups for a particular examination, or focusing on a particular area of English. 


Lessons take place in my study (in Didsbury) where students can focus without distractions and benefit from my extensive bank of learning resources designed to meet specific individual needs.


Workplace & Business English

My hourly fee for delivering English lessons to groups in the workplace is £35 plus travel expenses of 50p per mile.  


Freelance Classroom Teaching

My fees are negotiable in line with the establishment's lecturer pay policy.



For workplace and classroom teaching I travel a maximum of twenty miles radius of Didsbury for full days' teaching, or ten miles for half days.



Terms and Conditions


"The teacher" is Julia Maine.

"The tutee" is the person receiving the tuition and/or the person responsible for its payment.


These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Updates will be made available on this page (


The First Lesson

The first lesson will be paid for at the lesson, along with advance payment for the final 60-minute lesson.


To continue with further lessons, a copy of these Terms & Conditions will be signed  by the tutee and the teacher on completion of the first lesson.


Method of Payment

Method of payment is cash paid at the beginning of each lesson, though bank transfer is also accepted provided that the transaction is complete before the lesson begins. No cheques please.


Reservation of Weekly Slots

Due to the limited availability of after-school slots during term-time, and also the importance of regular attendance for academic progress, continuous weekly slots during this period will only be reserved for tutees who demonstrate a record of continuous weekly attendance.


In cases where continuous weekly attendance has not been possible, the slot will be re-allocated to another tutee who is able to commit to such attendance. Likewise, in cases where the tutee requires absence for two or more consecutive weeks during term-time, their fixed slot may be re-allocated to another tutee.


In cases where term-time continuous weekly attendance has not been possible, cancellation slots will be offered if, and when, they arise.


Sharing Weekly Slots


The hourly fee per tutee covers the teacher’s time and learning resources for one tutee. Should it be agreed that the main tutee shares his/her reserved slots with a sibling (exceptional circumstances) by alternating weekly attendance, there will be an additional charge of £3 per session to the second tutee to cover the additional learning resources and administration time.  


48-Hour Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the lesson will be charged at the full fee except in cases of tutee illness or injury that requires absence from school or work. This applies to the tutee - not the person who ferries him or her.


If the cancelled lesson is mutually rescheduled within a fortnight (in addition to the usual weekly lesson), only 50% of the cancelled lesson will be charged.


In the rare event that the teacher cancels a lesson 48 hours before the scheduled lesson, an alternative slot will be offered at a 50% discount.  



Parents/guardians are requested to collect their children promptly as the teacher may have other commitments requiring her to leave the house as soon as the lesson has finished.


Should a tutee arrive late, for whatever reason, the lesson will still finish at the agreed time, and the full fee will still be payable.


In cases where punctuality is frequently poor, the slot may be re-allocated to another slot where poor punctuality is a lesser inconvenience to the teacher.


Required for Each Lesson

Please bring to every lesson: completed homework for marking; all previous learning resources for revision purposes in your A4 ring binder file; A4 lined paper that detaches easily (avoid spiral-bound). 



Any resources given to the tutee are subject to copyright and may not be published or distributed.



Owing to the residential nature of the locality, the tutee is requested to park in such a way that enables neighbours to have easy access to their drives at all times.


Anything else

Just ask and I will be delighted to assist. For details of my qualifications, experience and fees please follow the links at the top and bottom of each page.

Last updated October, 2017


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