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Below are some testimonials and messages from tutees and parents; all greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!  

In compliance with data protection and safeguarding, children’s actual names will not be disclosed. 


Parent of successful 11+ exams entrant (accepted Manchester Grammar)

 Julia tutored my son in Year 5 for the independent school entrance exams. We had to wait patiently on a waiting list until a teaching slot became available, and I must say it was well worth waiting for! Julia is a fantastic teacher who knew exactly what was required to pass the entrance exams. She had a lovely, calm teaching manner which helped my son improve his English comprehension skills and story writing techniques. He successfully passed for our first choice of school besides Urmston Grammar.

Mrs Sabir, Didsbury

Parents of three successful 11+ exams entrants (two accepted Manchester Grammar and one Withington Girls')

Julia was recommended as a tutor by a friend of mine.
Intermittently, over a period of 6 years, she tutored all three of my children
Julia tutored the English element of the Greater Manchester private school senior entrance examinations. As a result all three of my children passed all of their entrance exams and as a consequence were all able to go to their school of first choice.
As well as being an excellent teacher, Julia has a manner and personality which makes the children feel comfortable and confident.
I would not hesitate in recommending her as a tutor.

Dr A Spencer (Manchester)

Parent of successful 11+ exams entrant (accepted Manchester High)

Julia is simply the Best in the North West!
Without hesitation, she is the number one English tutor. Always puts the child 1st and will do everything possible to stretch the child. Gives enormous amount of confidence to the child and parents! Extremely enthusiastic and very, very thorough. Exceeded our expectations. Always made us feel 100%, can do it attitude is phenomenal.
We miss our classes so much, we used to look forward to class. Always fun and exciting even late in the evening or during holidays, always made lessons fun and super excited!

Can't thank you enough...

Sandeep (Manchester)

Parents of two successful 11+ exams entrants (accepted Manchester Grammar and Manchester High)

Julia tutored both our son and daughter for the 11 plus exams for Manchester Grammar School and Manchester High School for Girls, respectively. She came very highly recommended by other parents whose children had already been tutored by Julia.
She assessed our children’s strengths and weaknesses and gave us great feedback in those areas which needed improvement. She is very thorough and organised in her approach. Thanks to her help and guidance, both our children were successful in passing their exams.

Julia has a very calm and friendly nature, which meant my children really enjoyed their tutoring sessions.

Dr Ahmad and Dr Saleem  (Stockport)

Parents of successful 11+ exams entrant (accepted Stockport Grammar)

‘O’ was nearing the end of year 5 in primary school when Julia started working with him. With English not being his first language, and having moved to the UK from Egypt two years earlier, ‘O’s performance was rated as just below average. With the aim of targeting Stockport Grammar or Cheadle Hulme for the 11+ exam, we turned to Julia. She was recommended to us by the parents of another student of Julia’s.

Within a few weeks of starting tuition with Julia, we noticed a significant improvement in ‘O’s reading, writing and communication skills which was also reflected in his subsequent school reports. His grades gradually improved over successive terms and we noticed a big difference in the way he reads, writes and interprets stories, comprehension pieces and essays. His vocabulary continued to grow and with it his ability to express himself in English which is not his mother tongue.

We find ourselves extremely grateful to Julia for taking on the full responsibility and investing the time and effort in preparing a boy who’d only arrived in the UK three years earlier from an Arabic speaking country for these exams.

Julia’s punctuality, professionalism and constant engagement with us as parents were greatly appreciated. We were all rewarded in the end when ‘O’ passed his 11+ exams and chose to go to Stockport Grammar.

Dr Aly Zaki and Eman Mostafa (C

Parent of successful 11+ exams entrant (accepted Sale Grammar)

We are so lucky to have Julia to tutor our kids. She is a superb teacher, very supportive and cooperative. She knows how to build the fundamentals of  English and helped my daughter pass the 11+ exams. My daughter was offered places in Stockport Grammar, Cheadle Hulme, Manchester High and Sale Grammar. We were happy to accept Sale Grammar.
We still continue with Julia with our second son.


Parents of successful Y5 Manchester Grammar exam entrant

Dear Julia,

When ‘Y’ started with you, we were so worried about his English, he just hadn't grasped so many concepts. But his transformation has been with your help. We wanted you to know that and tell you how grateful we are. I know it's your job Julia, but ‘Y’ seemed to click with how you teach, and that's not something that happens all the time. We really do appreciate all of your help and look forward to seeing you again in the future. I hope you'll remember us when it's E's turn!
We will really miss you. ‘Y’ says he's going to miss you a lot.
You can use any of our comments, we wouldn't mind at all! People will understand why they should remain on your waiting list!
Thank you once again. Best wishes alway
s. xxx

Dr Ahmad, Dr Patel and 'Y' 

Parents of successful 11+ exam entrant for Manchester Grammar

Dear Julia,

You have been the best teacher that 'A' and 'L' have ever had. We’ll miss seeing you for these weekly lessons. Their future successes are thanks to you.

Warmest regards

Keith & Nausicaa (Didisbury)

Parent of two successful entrants of Manchester Grammar and Withington Girls' exams

Julia tutored both my son and daughter to help them prepare for their grammar school assessments.

My children took to her friendly, patient and calm approach and within no time the change in their work was evident.  She has provided them with such a strong foundation and they are happy and thriving at Manchester Grammar and Withington Girls’.
Julia has an immense amount of teaching experience and is able to adapt to each child’s specific learning needs. This tailored approach is exactly what my children needed.
Eternally grateful to you Julia.
To any parents of potential tutees I would say, don’t hesitate. If you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to have your child tutored by Julia, then you need to jump at it. She is highly sought after. Julia can help your child reach his or her true potential and provide them with a skill set that will follow through with them in their academic lives.

An extremely satisfied and happy parent (Manchester)

Parent of successful 11+ exam entrant for Loreto Grammar School

We really appreciate the impact that you have had on ‘A’ and her work; the fact that she passed the Loreto exam is testament to that. Her work has improved dramatically and I am really proud of the hard work she has put into studying.
I am really thankful to the time you have given ‘A’ and I hope, in the future, we can send ‘L’ to you for some tutoring when he gets to that stage.

Caroline  (Manchester)

Parent of two successful entrants of grammar school exams  (accepted Withington Girls')

Julia has been an incredible English tutor for my son 'Y' (Year 6) and my daughter 'A' (Year 3), helping them to both improve dramatically in their English skills. Julia employed many techniques that are different to what is used in schools such as teaching them synonyms and antonyms as well as nouns and adjectives which helped to broaden their vocabulary and improve their creative writing and comprehension skills. I believe that this was very effective as they both passed all of their examinations (MGS, Cheadle Hulme, Manchester High and Withington Girls’).

Mrs S.K. (Manchester)

Parents of Italian-English bilingual KS2 children

At the end of year 3, our daughter ‘A’ had not been able to reach the expected standards in English. She struggled a lot with spelling and grammar and did not feel confident in expressing herself in English. She is bilingual and English is her second language. She started weekly tuitions with Julia at the beginning of year 4. With Julia’s professional support and friendly encouragement, ‘A’ worked hard and, by the end of year 5, her English was above the expected standards. She continues to work with Julia and in a few months’ time is going to attempt the test to entry in a grammar school.

Our second son ‘E’ also struggled in English. Similar to ‘A’, he is bilingual. We were worried because he seemed to be falling behind the rest of the class. He struggled in particular with reading and comprehension and with spelling.

After just a few months with Julia, ‘E’s English has started to blossom and he feels much more confident in himself.

We are extremely thankful to Julia and feel privileged to have her as our children’s tutor. Her methods are very effective and deliver excellent results. ‘A’ and ‘E’ are very fond of her. In a few words, we could not be happier.

Dr Giorgio Calisti and Mrs Giulia Calisti (Manchester)

Parent of successful 11+ exam entrant for Manchester Grammar

Julia was initially recommended to us by a close friend, and progressed to tutor my son over a period of four years, ultimately leading to him being offered a place at Manchester Grammar School for boys..
‘J’ was  struggling with his English, and so Julia helped him with his reading and writing ability by helping him form a strong literary foundation. Now he is able to confidently write essays employing the large range of narrative techniques that Julia taught him, and we have also noticed a significant improvement in his confidence at school.
We are extremely grateful for all Julia’s support and her friendly nature, which meant our son felt comfortable and encouraged at all times.

Extremely grateful parents (Manchester)

Parents of two successful 11+ exams entrants (accepted Manchester Grammar)

Julia tutored both my sons prior to their grammar school assessments. She is an extremely experienced and gifted teacher who delivers a comprehensive and thorough individualised teaching programme addressing strengths, weaknesses and needs in a friendly, approachable and calm environment. My children really enjoyed their time with her and are now thriving pupils at the Manchester Grammar School. She is absolutely amazing and I would not hesitate in recommending her. She is worth the wait!

Extremely grateful parents (Manchester) 

Successful 'Qualified Teacher Status' (QTS) exam entrant

From a young age, I was diagnosed with dyslexia but I never received the support I needed and left high school with no GCSE and Alevels were just a dream. However, I returned to college in the evenings and I achieved both and a degree to boot.

When I met Julia for the first time I was studying for my QTS exams after failing them the first time I felt that I need more professional support than trying to achieve this by myself. From the moment I arrived, Julia was the perfect balance of caring and professionalism. She listened to my story and didn't laugh when I explained what I wanted to achieve. To begin with, Julia assessed my ability and was able to draw up an action plan of what we would study. Not only did Julia help me learn the skills I needed for my QTS (which I passed) but she also helped me understand some of the skills I never learned in primary school.

When I moved on to teaching I was able to apply and use some of Julia's teaching techniques for children in my classroom.

If you are looking for a QTS tutor who will help provide you with the guidance and support Julia is the one for you.

Also, I would just like to say thank you again, Julia, for all your time and support for helping a very embarrassed adult overcome his fear of the English language.

Jonathan (Stockport)





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