Indoor Face-to-face Tuition Resumed March 8th 2021

This is subject to all parties adhering strictly to the following conditions:

  • Lessons should be rescheduled by all parties at the first sign of any ill-health, regardless of how minor and whether or not Covid-19 is suspected;
  • Before arrival, tutees are requested to 1) use their own toilets;  2) refrain from bringing food;
  • You will be asked to sign a Covid-19 health check questionnaire prior to the first lesson, and refer to this before all subsequent lessons;
  • Tutees to be dropped off and collected at my doorstep;
  • Tutees' temperatures will be checked. If 37.8 degrees or higher, the lesson will need to be reschedule;
  • Lessons will start and end with hand-sanitising and sanitising of high-touch areas; 
  • Social distancing will  take place wherever possible.

Unfortunately, without a commitment to the above conditions (and my General T&Cs), secured weekly slots will be given to tutees who are able to adhere to all conditions.

Please Note: Face masks will no longer be required from 17th May 2021


Remote tuition (as described below) is reserved for families in quarantine and/or during further lockdowns.

System A - File drop-off and phone call: This system requires you to drop off your file for marking. You will need a WhatsApp account, a means of photographing work (a Smart phone, scanner or camera) and a telephone.

Once you have collected, completed and returned your work, I will mark it with detailed comments and provide new tasks for the upcoming week. Oral and written tests, and discussion of new concepts will take place by telephone.

System B - Video calls: Although video calls work well for maths and science subjects, I discourage them for English because I have found them to be a less efficient and effective mode of tuition than the above.  This system will therefore only be considered for long-distance tutees.


Considering how rapidly the pandemic situation is changing, please keep checking this page for updates.

Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times. 


Last updated 06/12/2021