Grammar School Entrance Exams 2020

At the present time, the Trafford grammar schools are planning to run their exams, as scheduled, in September.  If anything were to change, it is likely that an announcement would be made in the summer. I will keep you updated should there be any changes.


 Tuition Information

The health and wellbeing of my tutees is paramount, as is their education. Following advice from the Department for Education, I have taken the following steps to keep tuition running as safely as possible during these difficult and uncertain times.

As from Monday, 23rd March, term-time tuition slots have ceased to be obligatory, especially whilst the country is in lockdown. However, your allocated after-school slots will be reserved for you for when schools reopen.

In the meantime, for optional tuition during lockdown, I can offer:

Remote Tuition

Homework: Once you have received, completed and returned your work to me (either via email, WhatsApp or left on my doorstep), I will mark and return it with detailed comments, providing new tasks for the upcoming week. Oral and written tests, and discussion of new concepts will take place either online or by telephone – whichever you prefer.

Essential requirements: an email and WhatsApp account, a means of photographing work (a Smart phone, scanner or camera) and a telephone.

Additional requirements: for those wishing to include online tuition, you will need a computer with good internet connection, a webcam, a microphone and speakers/headphones and a printer. I use Zoom which I feel is better equipped for tutoring than other online communication tools such as Skype. You would need to download it from this link along with a Chrome browser, if you don't already have one. I can assist with the setting up process of Zoom and/or Chrome, so don't worry about technicalities. 


The following option will be a possibility when lockdown is relaxed.

Face-to-face tuition - For tutees wishing to continue with their usual face-to-face tuition, I will accommodate for exceptional circumstances (e.g. for those with upcoming entrance exams), provided that tutees adhere strictly to the following conditions. Tutees can be assured that these measures will be taken during lessons to help prevent transmission of coronavirus:

  • Lessons are to be cancelled by tutee or myself at the first sign of any ill-health, regardless of how minor and whether or not it is related to coronavirus;   
  • Face coverings to be worn by tutee and myself;
  • Lessons to begin and end with thorough hand-washing (tutees and myself);
  • Strict social distancing of two metres will take place;
  • Work areas will be disinfected between lessons;
  • Tutees are requested to bring their own writing implements;
  • Tutees are requested to use their own toilets before arriving. 

Considering how rapidly the situation is changing, please keep checking this page for updates.

Thank you for your understanding during these extraordinary circumstances.

Best wishes,


Last updated 23/05/2020