In line with government guidance, the following steps will ensure tuition runs as safely as possible during these challenging times to help prevent transmission of Covid-19.

Indoor Face-to-face Tuition

This is subject to all parties adhering strictly to the following conditions:

  • Lessons should be rescheduled by all parties at the first sign of any ill-health, regardless of how minor and whether or not Covid-19 is suspected;
  • Before arrival, tutees are requested to 1) use their own toilets; 2) arrive wearing a face covering; 3) refrain from bringing food or drinks;
  • You will be asked to sign a brief Covid-19 health check questionnaire prior to the first lesson, and refer to this before all following lessons;
  • Tutees to be dropped off and collected at my doorstep;
  • On arrival, your temperature will be checked using a contactless digital thermometer. If it is 37.8 degrees or higher, you will need to reschedule your lesson;
  • Lessons will start and end with hand-sanitising and sanitising of high-touch areas; 
  • Social distancing of one metre plus will  take place;
  • Face coverings to be worn by tutees and myself ;
  • Each tutee will be provided with their own writing implements which will not be shared with others;
  • These lessons will change to Remote Tuition if schools close for lockdown.

Unfortunately, without a commitment to the above conditions (besides my General T&Cs), secured weekly slots will be given to tutees on my waiting list who are able to adhere to all conditions.

Remote Tuition

Remote tuition is reserved only during school closures, total lockdowns and for families in quarantine.

A) File drop-off and phone call: This system requires you to drop off your file for marking. After marking, I will provide new homework and a ten-minute telephone call to test learning. This is by far the preferred method after face-to-face tuition for English tuition. You will need a WhatsApp account, a means of photographing work (a Smart phone, scanner or camera) and a telephone.

B) Video calls: Although video calls work well for maths, I discourage them for English if tutees are local because I have found them to be a far less efficient and effective mode of tuition than the above.  For the infrequent need of video calls, you would need a computer with good internet connection, a webcam, a printer, a microphone and speakers/headphones. 

Homework: Once you have collected, completed and returned your work to me (either left on my doorstep, via email or WhatsApp), I will mark it with detailed comments, providing new tasks for the upcoming week. Oral and written tests, and discussion of new concepts will take place mostly by telephone or if necessary by a video call.


Considering how rapidly the situation is changing, please keep checking this page for updates.

Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times. 


Last updated 27/11/2020